Lockwood Beck Trout Fishery Facebook update on April 06, 2016 at 11:33AM

Catch Return Tuesday 5th

11 Anglers have caught 67 Rainbows to 8lb
Rod Average 6.1
12 Rainbows were kept at an average weight of 2lb 12oz
55 Rainbows to 8lb were returned.

Colin Brown caught 16 to 3lb on Buzzers fished under an indicator from the moor side. Ian Morrison caught 8 to 3lb and Michael Killvington caught 7. Steve Plouman kept 2 for 5lb 8oz

Jon Foster caught 10 to 3lb 8oz. Keith Morley caught 8 to 8lb

Current Fishing Times:

Bank: 08:00 until 19:45
Boat All Day: 08:30 until 19:30
Boat Part Day: AM 08:30 until 02:30 PM 02:15 until 19:30
Last 4 Hours from: 15:30 until 19:45
All Anglers to be off site by: 20:00
LAST 4 HOUR PERMITS available from 15 minutes before start time.

For booking and further information please contact:
Gordon Byers, Fishery Manager
Tel: 01287 660501 or Mobile: 07973 779527
Email: info@lockwoodfishery.co.uk
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